The Forest Lodge - The Twist
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The Twist

A trendy café at The Lobby serving fast, light and healthy ala carte options from among the Asian fusion culinary delights of Chef Billy King.

The Forest Lodge - The Shop
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The Shop

Located at the Lobby Level, where souvenirs, shirts, mugs and a host of other items are available. Open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

The Forest Lodge - Camp John Hay Golf Club
Camp John Hay Golf Club

With its elegant log-architecture and interior design, the golf Clubhouse has likewise impressed many a visitor. The authentic mountain atmosphere, coupled with thoughtful amenities and gracious surroundings, simply makes anyone's visit here a genuinely pleasurable experience.

The Forest Lodge - Mile Hi Commissary
Mile Hi Commissary

A strip of restaurants and outlet shops that is just a 3-minute walk down the hill from The Forest Lodge.

The Forest Lodge - Choco-late de Batirol
Choco-late de Batirol

A recognized garden restaurant located in Igorot Park famous for their house specialty, the Choco-Late’ de Batirol.

The Forest Lodge - The Baguio-AyalaLand TechnoHub
The Baguio-AyalaLand TechnoHUb

A commercial complex by the Camp John Hay entrance with a cluster of restaurants and shops easily accessible through a nice walk along the main road with a refreshing view of the pine forests.

The Forest Lodge - Eco Trail
Eco Trail

A two-kilometer path perfect for outdoor activities.

The Forest Lodge - Shalan ti Kabadjo
Shalan ti Kabadjo

A trip at Baguio would not be complete without horseback riding. Mount that pony and gallop along Shalan Ti Kabadjo specially created by Camp John Hay for equestrians at heart.

The Forest Lodge - Tree Top Adventure
Tree Top Adventure

An outdoor sports area where rides promise to raise the body's adrenaline levels. The Canopy Ride takes one above the tree line and gets them acquainted with ecology on the tree tops. Not one for the fainthearted, the Superman Ride gives the sensation of flying above the trees. In the Tree Drop, as its name suggests, riders plummet straight from the tree top to the ground beneath. The Silver Surfer literally allows riders to surf above ground.

The Forest Lodge - Butterfly Sanctuary
Butterfly Sanctuary

An enclosed flower garden where butterflies fly freely.

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